Promo code WCR24 a discount of 15% (Base Fare only).

General conditions relating to the promo are listed below.

  1. Discount level: Discount is applicable for economy fares (from M-class upwards) and Business fares (from D-class upwards) in the system.
  2. The discount applies from network  to KGL v.v
  3. Sales period: Immediate until 09th  June 2024
  4. Travel period: 24th May– 23rd June 2024.
  5. Advance purchase restriction: N/A
  6. Mode of sales: all WB offices, website and Mobile App.
  7. No-show = USD150 (Waived if cancelled at least 24hrs to flight).
  8. Date change/Reissue fee :  One Free change and Fare difference shall apply if any.
  9. Additional change/Reissue charge: USD100 and fare difference shall apply if any.
  10. Refund before departure: USD150.
  11. Refund after departure: Non-refundable.
  12. Reissue: No manual reissue on this promotion is permitted across all our network stations/offices. Use ATC reissue only and charge all fees displayed in the system.
  13. Discount code: Apply  for 15% discount.
  14. Blackout: N/A.
  15. Procedure: Passenger inserts the promo code in the website at the point of booking and the code discounts the current selling fare by 15%.
  16. Discount code applies to base fare only. Taxes/Fess/Charges (TFCs) are not discountable.
  17. This promotion is not available for groups.
  18. This promo is NOT commissionable.