1. Share Experiences, Reflections, and Strategies: Share experiences, reflections, and strategies for enhancing the resilience of populations affected by mass violence worldwide around Resilio members but especially within the Rwandan context and the broader East African Community.
  2. Explore Cultural Resilience: Explore cultural resilience practices and approaches from diverse cultural contexts, with a focus on their applicability to the local contexts across the global.
  3. Collect Global Insights: Gather examples of practices and approaches from around the world, including international, the East African Community and the Great Lakes region, that positively influence the development of resilience strategies.

The congress themes encompass a wide range of subjects, including the impact of resilience in the face of genocide, wars, ecological/natural disasters, pandemics, chronic adversity, and more. The congress is organized by the International Association for the Promotion and Dissemination of Research on Resilience (Resilio) with support from the Division of Mental Health at the Ministry of Health of Rwanda and the University of Rwanda in Kigali.