Lamelle Shaw is a British born Liberian writer.  

She has been writing and performing spoken word poetry from her teenage years and evolved into songwriting and singing. She wrote her first poem as a literature assignment. The poem “Ashes of My Heart” was a very sombre one and spoke about love and death and was written at a time when her beloved country was experiencing a civil war and her family was living in exile.

The poem was published by the U.S. National Library of poetry in the anthology Tears of Fire and is the title piece of her collection of poetry ‘Ashes of My Heart’ available on Amazon. Thus began her love affair with words. The book is described as a poetic journey through Moods, Motherhood and Memories and covers topics such as mental health, identity, Liberia, love and sex, Africa and womanhood.

Between poetry and journalism, her writing has been published in several African magazines including Destiny, Forbes Africa, The Oprah Magazine South Africa, True Love, Succeed, Real, Accelerator, Kwee (Liberia’s literary magazine) and the South African Jazz anthology Breathe into another VoiceShe worked as Editor in Chief of Hair & Beauty Africa from 2004-2007. Some of her career highlights include interviewing Liberia’s President and Africa’s first female President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on the eve of her historical inauguration and representing Liberia at Arts Alive Literary Festival in South Africa and Afrolit Sans Frontieres, the Pan-African online festival in 2020.

Lamelle began to incorporate music into her spoken word performances in 2010, which led to recording a series of soulful songs with a down tempo beat and reggae. Her latest release is the one closest to her heart, Smile Liberia, an adapted cover of Chronixx Smile Jamaica, available on Soundcloud.

Lamelle has a B.A. in International Business from the University of Maryland in the U.S and an M.A. in Global Media and Communications from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. She is a member of the Brand Counsel of Brand Africa, a community of professionals and thought leaders in branding, creative, innovation, marketing, research, communications and related disciplines across Africa and the diaspora. Lamelle continues to pursue her passions as an Artist/ Freelance Writer and Communications Consultant.

Lamelle has lived in the US, Liberia, France, the UK, Rwanda and is currently based in South Africa.



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